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Guangzhou economic measures to develop the night: build 30 economic areas at night

Date: 2019-08-24

Guangzhou plans to 2021, the economic areas in the city to build 30 night, make "guangzhou night" brand.

Night economy refers to from the afternoon 6:00 to 6:00 in the morning the next day all economic activity in the field of consumer spending.Night of economic forms covers trade, tourism, culture, food, sports and other fields, to form a larger economic benefits.Due to climate and consumption habits, guangzhou night economy started earlier, in 1984, the opening of the west lake road lighting night market is the first light night market in mainland China.

According to guangzhou city development and reform commission, the city for the development of economy ", "night launched five, a total of 20 measures.Including encourages enterprises to promote the night delay service, expanding consumer market at night, creating high quality night economic agglomeration area;Development catering center, food street and carried out in a specific period of time, parts of road pedestrian street pilot implementation of time-sharing system, polish "in guangzhou fresh" brand;Introducing first-class creative team at home and abroad, around the "agent" in one thousand "lingnan culture" "urban cultural resources, such as" planning a batch of cultural tourism agglomeration at night with the flavor of the guangzhou area.

At present, the guangzhou municipal museum of 11 this month it has been open or delay for the night.City tour department launched 6 vigil guangzhou boutique routes: "red inheritance" tour "journey of one thousand sites," "pearl river tour" charm "urban savor" tour "dynamic city tour" xiguan amorous feelings "tour, etc.;Launch "web celebrity to" clock in activities.

In addition, the guangzhou city business bureau to promote food development plan at night, to support a batch of old guangzhou, comments on high branch night "food web celebrity shop" activities, the construction of "online food circle", at present, the food taken late at night in the city accounted for about 6% of the whole order take-out orders;Cultivating characteristic high-quality goods night market, guang fu temple fair, festival section, lighting and other activities;Published "guangzhou night consumption map", is clear about 15 consumers such as Beijing road, tianhe road concentrated area first "night in guangzhou" consumer landmarks.

Guangzhou city development and reform commission official said, to 2022, the guangzhou 13 national famous business circle and strive to form a group of high-quality goods project culture, economic agglomeration area reached 30 at night, to build international famous brand of "the night of guangzhou.