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National Shared accommodation industry high-speed growth over the next five years of home stay facility has six to eight times more room to grow

Date: 2019-06-02

Children's day, the university entrance exam season, the Dragon Boat Festival is coming, the home stay facility markets such as the family travel, parents PeiKao to another climax, Shared accommodation of emerging high-speed growth momentum.

Way home apartment home stay booking platform in the world 30 published data, the Dragon Boat Festival holiday home stay facility bookings year-on-year growth is expected to more than 180%, is expected to more than the May Day this year.The Dragon Boat Festival and crash in the college entrance examination, many PeiKao parents choose a home stay facility.For the same price of the home stay facility living space is larger, can cook, is more advantageous to the examinee to rest.At present in Beijing, Beijing normal university affiliated middle school experimental middle school, shangdi high school, the high near the home stay facility are sold out.

Released according to the state information center, "China's sharing the economic development of the annual report (2019), from 2015 to 2018, our country travel, accommodation, meals Shared economic pulling effect to industry growth of new forms were 1.6, 2.1 and 1.6% respectively.2018 national Shared accommodation industry was 16.5 billion yuan, up 37.5% from a year earlier, accounting for 6.1% of the total room revenue accommodation industry;More than 4 million people 130 million participants, including the service provider.But at present our country industry is the industry of home stay permeability of only 2.5%, compared with 37% of the UK, the domestic home market in the next five years, six to eight times the growth space, permeability industry in 2023 is expected to reach 15%.

Wyden group chairman and CEO Luo Jun to data illustrates the home stay facility industry growth situation: in the year to may, wyden home stay facility covering more than 280 destinations, there are more than 1200 signing cooperation and more than 42600 owners of real estate project, the room number more than 50000 sets, more than 1100 stores in the camp, most of online comments above 4.8 points, to become Asia's largest apartment dormitory administrator manage one, realize the home stay facility, apartments, villas, inn chaining of non-standard accommodation forms such as the brand.

It is important to note that outside the urban housing stock, our country rural empty houses also considerable scale.Luo Jun said, rural empty houses can also by sharing protected utilization of resources.Increased along with the urbanization process, the hollow village, high vacancy rate of house-site in the countryside, through the reform of rural homestead "separation division", Shared use of value-added space is large, also can improve rural living environment, promote the farmers' income.