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Create unique boutique hotel catering: design detail research market pricing

Date: 2019-05-30

Boutique hotel wants to build its own catering business, let a guest every restaurant in the hotel for a memorable dining experience, requires too much effort.

Marcus hotels and resorts group (Marcus Hotels&Resorts) catering, vice President Joe Jackson thought, character and style of dining experiences with the hotel need to connect.

, he says, food and beverage department, brand promotion, operation team and the owner and the designer must work together, to launch a perfect food and beverage items.Milwaukee opened in the United States is st. Kate art hotel (Saint Kate) is integrated the elements of the case, Jackson called the hotel "the first independent immersive art hotel".

"We tried to hotel dining experience associated with art and artists," he said."In st. Kate bar of the hotel, guests can enjoy live performances, taste the locally brewed beer, beer trademark is also designed by local artists.We hope that the excellent dining experience for all guests, and able to understand the local artists, craftsmen and winemaker."

If different restaurant in the hotel want to create their own unique atmosphere, every restaurant must provide different proprietary drink sometimes.Jackson said: "our hope is that in the hotel restaurant and bar, is a drink can provide guests with a unique experience."

"For example, in SAN Kate art luxury restaurant of The hotel The Dark Room, cocktail list will provide luxury cocktail options," he said."We rotational training of the bartender of the hotel, they work in different restaurant of the hotel, to be familiar with all hotel cocktail recipe."

Provenance Hotels group's Hotel deLuxe Hotel restaurant and bar manager Sarah Sparks said that in planning the catering items, need to consider the audience and atmosphere of the Hotel.

"Gracie's restaurant classic elegance and open floor plan can respectively on weekdays, weekends can meet the needs of business groups, family guest accommodation, the Driftwood Room dining-room comfortable intimate environment is very suitable for dating couples and wedding party."She said.

"Gracie" s traditional English afternoon tea service, cooperate with the fine porcelain and beautiful grand piano played classical music."

Hotel deLuxe Hotel offers many indoor restaurant for the guests to choose, but Sparks said the Hotel lack of seasonal outdoor dining venue, Hotel launched later 19th Hole Beer Garden (19 th Hole Beer Garden) restaurant.

The four "hotel restaurant respectively according to different audience," she said."We provide multiple restaurants for guests to choose, in the hope that every guest can get unique experience."

Each restaurant has a special custom meal plan, she said.

"Traditional English afternoon tea cakes and sweetmeats doesn't fit the Driftwood restaurant, Driftwood only provide snacks from the menu."Hotel restaurant menu is in Gracie's restaurant on the main menu select.So you need to make sure the restaurant annual fixed dishes, and then according to the simplified room menu Settings, it can not only avoid the waste, and can be exempted from the seasons change the cost of the menu."

19th hole beer gardens provide convenient take away food in summer.

"Have more than one restaurant is creative hotel catering chef's dream, because you can try a wide variety of food supplies, from the caviar to hush puppies, you name it."

"All the hotel restaurant with the seasonally adjusted menu, this will involve a lot of manpower, need the whole catering team to communicate and work together to perform."